This page is set up to look like someone typing into the command line of their computer. It will type out various responses to the question of 'Where is Foster' in the form of 'Foster is...'. The answers are: learning 4+ coding languages in nine weeks; wondering what he will eat for diner tonight.; coding in a dark room somewhere.; working well as a team.; getting another coffee.; finishing up an accelerated bootcamp.; coming soon.;
Command prompt logo standard to windows computers The buttons to close a window, standard to windows computers


cd Foster_Dyck


the system cannot find the path specified.


Foster_Dyck is currently learning 3+ coding languages in nine weeks.

Foster_Dyck must be coding in a dark room somewhere.

Foster_Dyck might be getting another coffee.

Foster_Dyck is finishing up an accelerated bootcamp.

Foster_Dyck is coming soon!